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Which are T-cells - MedIQuiz98

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Which of the following are T-cells

Smallest gland in the human body

Strata corneum is the layer of which body organ?

Otorhinolaryngology is study of?

Heart beats per minute?

Which organ is same size from birth till death?

Air exchange in the human body

Organ that regenerates

Nail and hair are made of?

Basic functioning unit of kidneys?

Longest bone in the human body?

Smallest bone in the human body?

Oil producing gland in the skin?

Suicide sac of a cell?

Pair of chromosomes in a human cell

Bones in a new born infant

Cells manufacturing bones and cartilage?

Vitamin that helps clotting of blood?

What are goblet cells responsible for?

Biggest part of the human brain?

Life span of an RBC?

Other than bone marrow, which organ produces RBC’s?

Which muscles are mainly used in respiration?

What is Bowman’s Capsule?

Where are meibomian glands situated?

Muscle with its own rich supply of blood?

Exchange of nutrients and waste in cells?

Nerves responsible for carrying info to brain?

What bones make up the shoulder girdle?

Central nervous system is composed of?

Lobes in the right and left lungs?

Prominence called olecranon process is found on?

Vessel not carrying blood back to the heart?

Peripheral nervous system is composed of?

Another name for ankle bone?

Rising of body temperature is called?

Zygote division process?

Epiglottis is in which part of the body?

What is Cholecystectomy?

What is sleeve gastrectomy?

Powerhouse of a cell?

Veins carrying oxygenated blood?

Longest superficial vein in the leg

Which red box is more medial?

Sagittal plane dividing the body

What is the Supine Position?

Testosterone is produced by which other organ?

Mediastinum – Group of Structures

Otorhinolaryngology is the study of ?

What is the function of chemoreceptors?