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Medical Animation

Reliability . Experience . Strength

This is what we do. With over 2000 3D medical animations under our belt we have worked for almost everyone in the pharma, biotech and medical device industries either directly or indirectly. And our clients come back to us; 50% – 60% of our business is inbound referrals or past clients. This is why :


With so many medical animations under our belt, we understand the technology, the process and the pitfalls. We’ve developed systems, checklists and guidelines both for clients as well as internally to ensure we don’t miss deadlines, we hit quality standards and cost is transparent. We called ourselves Scientific Animations because we believe that we bring an engineering mindset to our creative process, allowing us to serve the needs of corporate clients.


Baxter Healthcare Client Testimony

Our founders and staff have over 20 years experience working for marketing functions in Pharma and Devices, so call it experience or call it empathy, we’ve walked miles in your boots.

Patrick Lynch from Baxter Healthcare speaks to how this domain experience makes us easy to work with. See more testimonials on our client testimonial page.


With over 20 graphics, medical animation and interactive professionals in-house, we have one of the worlds largest specialized medical animation and graphics forces. This allows us to meet deadlines, do multiple projects in parallel or take on large projects or better yet, all three.

Our Forte

Healthcare has realized the potential of storytelling through a stunning Medical Animation. Nothing can illustrate and convey the science behind a biological process and capture it at a stage that cannot be replicated through live action, like a 3D Medical Animation does.

The best part is, a medical animation evolves with the changing design trends, gadgets, software and interfaces. That’s where you can rely on us to help you reach a larger audience by maximizing the use of modern technology. We’ve done it for peers and we’ve done it for years.

Our animations cater to all key therapeutic areas including cardiology, gynecology, ophthalmology, dentistry among others.

Pharma MOA and Medical Equipment Industry

No blockbuster drug gets released without a full-length 3D medical animation. And the reason is clear; a high-quality Pharma MOA medical animation plays like a movie in which the hero drug molecules fight the evil forces of diseases, wayward immune systems and infections.

Since many of our device animations are for highly-engineered surgical devices, we have developed a capability to showcase, explain and train on medical and industrial devices.

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