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Interactive Training


Interactive training is not just about e-learning. Interactive training consists of four key elements:


Users interact with learning contents to increase engagement and therefore participation, to practice what they have learned


Educators track the deployment, consumption and effectiveness of learning content


Allow users to give and get real time feedback


Allow users to test their understanding at a self driven or competitive pace


Allow users to make decisions that parallel real world ones within a feedback loop that incorporates consequences for their actions

Our interactive learning work spans from electronic versions of IFU – instruction for use – documentation to flash simulations requiring physicians to do procedures in a semi-gamified environment.

We’ve also done many SCORM compliant modules for use in an LMS – learning management system. In particular, our own MedTrainer series is a great way to experience the power of 3D animation to learn.

How well do you know your anatomical positioning terminology? Brush up and test yourself on our MedTrainer learning module.

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