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Cardiac Animation

Cardiology companies are some of the biggest users of 3D animation services. Cardiology has a combination of all the elements that make 3D animation the right choice for a new device or procedure:

  • They have complex anatomy.
  • Cardiac instruments are highly regulatory.
  • Cardiac devices are complex and expensive.
  • Cardiac procedures often require a beating heart animation with blood flow, making the visuals complex

Luckily, at Scientific Animations we have in-depth experience with cardiac animations. Some of the most common types of cardiac animations we do regularly are:

  • Stent implant procedures with guide-wires and inflating balloon catheters
  • Heart valve replacements
  • Robotic surgery
  • Thrombosis/clot removal
  • Drug eluting stents
  • Mitral regurgitation, blood flow animations

Two animations in particular, highlight our ability to deliver. One was a Mitral Valve regurgitation in which we had to show a valve replacement procedure while the heart was beating! Oh and we had to show the blood flow to highlight the regurgitation. Plus, our client needed to see the procedure from numerous cross-sectional views. Did we mention that we had to seamlessly rotate from one view to another (instead of using static cut scenes)? And we had 8 weeks to pull it off. In-house, we call it our Ginsu animation.

Another was a robotic surgery in which we highlighted a complex robotic device in a beating heart animation (no blood flow). Compared to the Mitral Valve example, this sounds like a walk in the park. Except when you account for the following: the robotic device was super complex with over 1 Million polygons, we had three weeks to do it, and the start date was Dec. 17.

Whether you need 3D animation for a new device or procedure to train physicians or your own employees, look to us to make you look good.

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