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Pharma MOA (Mechanism of Action)

No blockbuster drug gets released without a full-length 3D Pharma MOA animation. And the reason is clear; a high-quality molecular animation plays like a movie. Hero drug molecules fight the evil forces of diseases, wayward immune systems and infections. In the beginning there is a journey, down the trachea or esophagus, into the blood stream, hunting in a seek-and-destroy mission. They might as well be navy seals.

By the time they have found their target, the final battle is a foregone conclusion. Throughout the show, there are numerous special effects as molecules around them multiply, transform and are obliterated.

And in the end, one molecule engages goes MIA to display its MOA, because as in any good superhero movie, in the end, the hero must go it alone. Oh and let’s not forget the medicine. An action movie with an intellectual script, now how can anybody resist.

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