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Creative Marketing Widgets To Attract Traffic

A popular part of online creative marketing is creating pieces of embeddable code on one site and embedding them in another to promote content and overall business. These embeddable entities are what are known as ‘widgets’. Widgets subtly allow the content to garner the spotlight and help a business reach a new audience with the help of existing one.

Here’s list of some useful, cool widgets that can escalate online marketing to the next level:

Ensuring that our readers are able to connect with us through social networks is a crucial aspect of online success. This social media sharing widget is helping millions of web users around the world to share content more effectively and conveniently and is the perfect solution for webmasters, content consumers, journalists, and even designers and creatives who are actively engaged on social media.

AddThis lets you have customized, floating social media buttons on every page of your website with a simple copy and paste. It also gives you targeted popups based on your specifications letting you display tailored content to readers who visit particular pages or sections of the site. And that’s not it! Its content recommendation feature recommends the readers other interesting and relevant pages on the site.

If someone understood the pain of sharing one single link to twenty different networks, it has to be the makers of Social Marker. It’s an extremely flexible social sharing widget that aids sharing a single piece of content to multiple sources at the same time.

Swiftype is the easiest and most powerful way to add a search field to a website. It lets you use detailed search analytics to drive key content and advertising decisions by focusing on content popular with readers. A combination of advanced indexing, autocomplete, and custom result ranking makes it one of the most preferred website widgets.

Another dynamic plugin that can be integrated into your site if you need industry-specific options like with Health and Beauty, Sports and Events, Class/Events, is BookingBug. It’s extensive booking features are tailored to specific industry needs and you can use it to put a calendar right on your website to let visitors book appointments with you instantly.

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