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Fall Conference Animations

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This fall our clients will be presenting our animations at some of the biggest medical conferences: AAO, TCT, ACS, AAGL, AHA, CNS and VEITH. We look forward to bringing your animations to life at one of these blockbuster conferences.

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Animations Playing at Upcoming Conferences:

ACS, ACG: Bio-surgery product used for training. AAO: Compilation of some of our most recent Ophthalmology animations. AHA, TCT, VEITH: :30 teaser animation of a cardiovascular product.
With over 2000 medical animations created in the past 12 years, Scientific Animations has the experience you need to produce animation in your specific therapeutic area.

What we do

Therapeutic area - Cardiac Animation, Heart

3D Medical Animation - Scientific Animations does medical device and pharmaceutical moa animations. With over 100 animations every year, we have domain experience in practically every therapeutic area and with most technologies. Every blockbuster, whether a drug or a film, needs a great trailer, and we do precisely that.


We Develop Cool Apps - Our app development USP is our superior design, blending usability, functionality and art. At Scientific We build custom apps for medical clients, 3D apps that use 3D anatomy, physician apps for use in dental clinics, and consumer apps for use in learning and infotainment, for both iOS and Android.

Training on Heart Anatomy using 3D

Interactive Learning Solutions -Our flash based learning modules allow users to do step-by-step procedures with the benefit of high quality visuals and feedback loops. Learning Management Systems allow users the ability to track usage and performance. Scientific Animations specializes in bringing high quality 3D visuals together with the interoperability and track-ability of SCORM compliant LMSes.

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