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Digestive System Animation

Scientific animations has done work in every aspect of the gastro-intestinal tract, inside and out. With a particular ability to show meshes well, we often get called on to do hernia, prolapse, post-surgical wound management and other surgeries that use meshes.

Currently, we are using our experience with e-learning and 3D animation to develop a mobile app to teach students about the digestive system and how food digestion works, complete with high-quality 3D and interactive game play. To stay informed with the progress of this effort, or to learn how your child or local school system might benefit, add yourself to our mailing list.

Many digestive animation surgeries require an extra level of care, particularly when dealing with the rectum or the anus, to effectively cover the medical and marketing needs of a product while producing a visual that does not induce disgust or laughter; a tip from us to you; never the show the anus (if you can avoid it). It just doesn’t ever look good.

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