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A 3D illustration showing Bioprinting
April 18, 2017

Good news: Medicine is getting better in increasing the lifespan. A not-so-good effect: As more and more population gets older, the rate of organ failure rises. Solution? Organ Transplant? Well, not really. Over the last decade, the number of patient

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3D medical animations image
April 26, 2017

3D medical animations not only help healthcare professionals in limitless ways but can also be tailored into a simplified version to inform an average patient with no advanced knowledge. From being used for training purposes in medical schools or mar


Created by Scientific Animations, MedTrainer Kidney features anatomy training modules which provide quality 3d content and built-in interactive testing...

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Our Medhumor section hits the right notes in making the otherwise serious field of medicine less stressful. Check out now..

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