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79th Organ Discovered In Human Body

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Mystery is the other name of biology. Much like the universe, the human body remains a dark secret even after the scientists trying to explore it since ages. They have apparently now discovered a “new organ” within the human digestive system, reinforcing the fact that there’s still a lot of uncharted territory to be discovered within us.

The organ is called the mesentery.

Does it ring a bell? Yes, most of us have heard about it in school from our biology teacher while she explained the digestive system.

The mesentery is a fold of the peritoneum which attaches the stomach, small intestine, pancreas, spleen, and other organs to the abdomen.

Medical Animation showing Mesentery

The mesentery was always a part of the human digestive system but was previously believed to be made of fragmented, separate structures. New research at the University of Limerick, led by Professor of surgery J. Calvin Coffey, has shown that it's actually one continuous organ, and hence, there are legit grounds to call it an organ. Grey’s Anatomy, the world’s most famous medical textbooks, have even been edited to include the update.

However, its function is still unclear.

Researchers hope that the reclassification will aid better understanding, which could lead to less invasive ops, fewer complications and faster patient recovery, as well as lower overall costs.

Prof Coffey even expressed that mesenteric science can be distinguished as a separate field of medicine as the organ may hold the key to better understanding digestive disorders.

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