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Orthopedic Animation

Physiotherapy and training post orthopedic procedures are a very common use case for 3D animation. Home physiotherapy devices are far more common than 15 years ago. Animation can be used as a training and reference tool much like YouTube cooking classes!

Many of the orthopedic animations we do are for other animation companies. With the orthopedic industry being cut-throat and large volume, recurring animations, price can get very competitive. But with our Indian cost base, we can often beat the internal pricing of our competitors. Especially for companies looking to do 30 min of animation, we tend to be a good outsourcing partner.

Orthopedics is also an area where we have done app development. Our knee app is used by pharmaceutical sales reps to communicate with doctors. The app makes the visuals both interactive and collaborative, with draw, share and comment functionality. It allows medical sales reps to swipe and rotate the knee, adding and subtracting layers of muscle, bone, tendons and ligaments. It also contains a trade secret as to how we break through iPad’s 56,000 polygon count limitation to produce great and responsive visuals in a virtual 3D environment.

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