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Perhaps some of the greatest strides in medicine have been in the area of neurology, neurosurgery, neurochemistry and interventional radiology. Traditionally, an area of medicine with very little interventional capabilities, today, many devices and drugs are in the market, or in the pipeline.

In the last ten years, we have done many animations in this area. We’ve been called upon to show drug development for promising neuro blockbuster drugs, with neural pathways firing, electrical signals jumping across synapses, or showing the MOA on dopamine receptors. We’ve also worked with devices to show treatment of aneurysms and embolisms, or show diagnostic equipment, like gamma ray MRIs. Animating a neural network is particularly interesting as we strive to balance depth of field (the brain has 100 billion neurons) and focus on the main action.


Many of our animations in the therapeutic area of neurology have to do with Central Nervous System disorders. In the past, this has been as MOAs for types of neuro-inhibitors. But in the last five years, nerve stimulation and nerve conduction devices and procedures are increasingly more common. As a result, our medical device division also now has experience with CNS animation.

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