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Animation in women’s health and gynecology is the therapeutic area where all of our technical and experiential strengths align. Ask us to quote for a project, and then tell us you are “going with someone else” and you’ll have us walking around in circles, scratching our heads like a cartoon character. Why because this is what we do when we do what we do, what we do.

Whether you’re delivering a baby of animating one, you need a safe pair of hands. Our first animation was for a Johnson & Johnson company in the area of women’s health. Our longest animation was a series of 22 animations completed with over 5000 man hours, that we did for Covidien to demonstrate the use of their instruments in hysterectomy procedures. When a new app company needed over 20 3D animations to show fetal development at different stages of pregnancy, they came to us.

Ashish Khera, one of our founders, headed the business and product development for a non-surgical sterilization device company, has over 15 years experience working in Women’s health, and holds six patents. Trust us for your next gynecology animation; you’ll be in good hands.

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