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The Versatility of 3D Medical Animations

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3D medical animations are not just a natural extension of 2D medical illustrations or physical 3D models that have existed since long. When aided by computer modeling techniques, they become an indispensable tool for teaching, patient education, planning of complex surgeries, as well as pharmaceutical marketing. It is, therefore, not an exaggeration to say that 3D medical animations are the future of medicine.

As 3D is becoming more and more common in the medical online marketing space, it is important to get an insight into the myriad ways a 3D animation can be packaged in order to determine what type might work best for your project.

3D Animated Video- A ‘wow piece’ for potential clients

When it comes to explaining complex systems in detail, highlighting a unique process or depicting an ‘internal’ view, an animated video is the simplest and most accessible format of 3D medical animations that can be used to boost medical marketing.

From being used in an app to being a part of motion graphics video, or simply on its own, a 3D animated video can be even implemented as an interactive piece (discussed below); the user gets an illusion of interactive 3D at price of a video!

Product launches studded with a captivating 3D animated video can hype up sales like nothing else.

Interactive 3D- Giving an edge to e-Learning

This form of 3D medical animation allows first person interaction, making it a game changer in the training space. It lets the learner take the ‘tour’ by putting him in the driver's seat. In other words, an interactive 3D allows an individual to personalize his pace of the learning experience. The user moves in 3D space while actively deciding what actions they want to take in real time.

Interactive 3D is best used for:

  • Environment simulations that take the learner into a virtual environment where they are made to perform tasks
  • Product simulations that make the user perform a task with the product

Virtual Reality- The future

A Teaser of Fantastic Voyage- VR Tour Inside Human Body

Virtual reality is a product of fully immersive 3D medical animations that transport the user to a different world altogether. Consequently, virtual reality 3D medical animations are the most complicated to create. Although still at a nascent stage, a marketing strategy that employs VR has huge potential for training and selling.

VR is best used for complex medical training. Think of surgeons honing their skills or learning how to operate with a new tool. Virtual reality environments allow them to practice in a very life-like, sandbox environment without the risk of losing a patient.

At this point it's limited only by the advancement of hardware and software and the creators' imagination.

Clearly, the scope for all types of 3D medical animations is endless, and when used for the right reasons, provide tremendous returns.

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