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Marketing in Pharmaceutical Companies through Medical Animations

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Present market for pharmaceutical companies is extremely dynamic and competitive. Considering the expenditure in billions to bring a drug to market, and given that only 2 in 10 medicines are able to generate revenues that match or exceed average R&D costs, it is imperative that the marketing messages created for the product resonate with the audience.

Pharmaceutical representatives engage in face-to-face sessions with physicians to create a greater impact of their company’s product. This laborious and cost-intensive practice becomes difficult because of physician preferences and regulations in the healthcare industry. On top of that, organizational restrictions to intervene between pharmaceutical companies and physicians.

Video marketing can essentially help pharmaceutical companies to get their messages in front of physicians without having to make an appointment.

Some reasons that make Drug Mechanism of action (MOA) animations an effective marketing strategy:

  • A useful trait of 3D medical animation for the pharma industry is that it enables illustrations of things that we cannot see in real life; the pumping of blood from the heart to show how a medicine is used, or cell interaction between scaled-up, dynamic animated cells, or explaining a bodily process through animated images (accompanied by a voiceover, maybe) can make things much clearer. Also, animations can be made more basic than they are in reality, so a treatment outcome can be shown without obstructions.
  • Since most physicians have to juggle between appointments, surgeries, and consultations, reaching them through their smartphones and tablets is an ideal way for pharmaceutical companies to deliver their video marketing messages. Concise, information-packed explainer videos can show doctors exactly how specific medication works for a particular ailment or as part of treatment for a major issue.
    Videos also give the medical professionals the liberty to access the content when it fits into their schedule. With compelling graphics and animation, the message sticks and helps them understand the results of clinical trials.
  • Although not many doctors go through Facebook and Instagram to find pharmaceutical information, there are some sites/ apps geared specifically towards medical professionals that are gaining popularity in the healthcare community. What draws doctors and medical professionals to these sites are that they have the liberty to anonymously discuss a wide range of healthcare topics. Pharmaceutical companies can use these social platforms to engage with and educate physicians about their products and, in turn, boost their pharmaceutical sales. Going further, it’s easier for companies to personalize their content because they can gain access to deeper information, including the type of practice a doctor has and the specialty they work in. All of this information can help pharmaceutical companies deliver product messages that resonate with a target audience.

Integrating smarter digital marketing is, hence, something pharmaceutical companies must integrate.

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