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Client: CSA medical Title: 3D ENT animation of cryotherapy treatment device
3D ENT medical animation of truFreeze spray showing the mechanism of action of the product in the treatment and removal of unwanted tissue.
Client: Merz Title: 3D medical animation ENT collagen injections for vocal cord rebuilding
A 3D medical animation ENT procedure for the rebuilding of vocal cords using collagen injections.
Client: Omniguide   Title: CO2 Laser Surgery
An ear animation created as part of a series to showcase the indicated uses of the CO2 laser.
Client: Siesta Medical Title: 3D ENT animation - Encore Tongue Suspension
A showcase of a 3D medical animation explaining Siesta's Encore Tongue Suspension For Sleep Apnea.

Ear Nose Throat Animation

Ear Animation

There is immense power in using ear animations to educate surgeons, students and patients as well. If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a ear animation is 1,800 still pictures per minute, there is no better medium to describe your product or procedure.

Human ear animations are often preferable to live video when showing to patients certain ear procedures, especially implants and instruments. It is important in any ear animation that the images be realistic, yet not evoke pain, which is often associated with surgical ENT procedures  by patients. It is also important for ear surgeons to be able to explain to the patient the product or procedure quickly and efficiently.

Ear animation is also being used as an excellent training tool for sales reps. Utilizing the power of 3D animation combined with live surgical footage, illustrations and photo-realistic renderings, sales reps can reduce training time to get out into the field quicker and more effectively increase sales.

How We Make You Look Good

At Scientific Animations, the creative and technology team has designed and produced over fifty ear animations, which means you will not spend your valuable time describing to us basic anatomy or procedures.

The quality of your ear animation is a major, distinguishing characteristic. It is the wow factor that separates you from your competitors and helps builds your brand. By using bright warm colors, photo-realistic 3D renderings, and an industry-leading anatomy library, Scientific Animations will ensure that your product is synonymous with quality.

Scientific Animations is the only complete, vertically integrated medical animation company. Transparent to you, our production is located in India, allowing us to deliver high-end 3D animation at a reasonable cost, translating into the greatest value and ROI for your ear animation project.

Our client base speaks volumes for us. We have worked on hundreds of projects with a diverse client base from fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, and Covidien to small start-up companies such as Conceptus, Benvenue Medical, and Concentric. Whatever the size of your company, or the size of your ear animation project, we will get it done right.

The end result is that your ear animation will be of high quality, reasonable cost and excellent ROI. It will look good to all of your audiences, to surgeons, to patients, to your sales force and to your peers. That’s how we make you look good.

Contact Scientific Animations now to discuss your next ear animation project using a method on the right side of this page that is convenient for you.

Written by Ashish Khera February 14, 2011

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