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Client: Scientific Animations 2011 Demo Reel
Showcases our ability to create stunning 3D visuals and integrated motion graphics across therapeutic areas. Enjoy!
Client: Startup Medical Device Company Title: 3D medical animation of heart valve
Animation for an artificial heartvalve showing the features and delivery.
Client: Viaskin Title: 3D Mechanism of Action animation of transdermal patch
A 3D MOA animation, or Mechanism of Action animation for a drug delivery transdermal patch.
Client: TearScience Title: 3D Ophthalmology Animation for dry eye
3D MOA animation for Ophthalmology showing the treatment of dry eye using unique device.
Client: Merz Title: 3D medical ENT animation
Animation of an ENT procedure depicting the use of collagen for vocal cord rebuilding.
Client: Nordion Title: 3D MOA of drug delivery microspheres
A 3D MOA animation, or mechanism of action animation of drug delivery microspheres shown here to target the delivery of oncology drug.

3D Medical Animations

3D Medical Animations

Discover more ravishing examples of 3d medical animation exclusively by Scientific Animations. As you are aware, a high-quality, visually stunning 3d medical animation is a proven way to educate various audiences about a medical device or medical procedure. Selecting a firm to create and produce a 3d animation for you is a major decision. It will affect not only the degree of education that takes place, but also how others view your product and your company. And, you will be judged as well. Scientific Animations understands how important the selection of an animations provider is to you. We’ll help make you look good.

Stunning 3d Medical Animations At Less Cost

Scientific Animations is a full-service 3d medical animation and integrated e-learning solutions company. Founded in 2004 by veteran Indian-American entrepreneurs Girish Khera and Ashish Khera, we are the first to leverage client service and creative teams with medical device industry experience with low-cost, high-quality off-shore production. Our own 3d animations people, not freelancers. With sales, marketing and client service teams headquartered in the United States, our clients reap the significant value and quality benefits of 3d animation offshore production without any of the inherent difficulties of time zones, accessibility and communication. Our full-time staff of over 15, 3d animators and graphics professionals makes Scientific Animations one of the largest 3d medical media studios in the world, translating into an ability to deliver simultaneous and complex projects within tight time lines. The result? Stunning 3d medical animations that will exceed your objectives, turned around quickly and at reasonable cost.

How We Produce 3d Medical Animation

Creating a 2-minute, 3d medical animation follows the same general process as that of a feature film, only…much faster. The process is largely the same, but the challenges relating to an animation are unique. First, a script is developed and finalized. Then the script is drawn and laid-out in scenes, called a storyboard. Actors (played by 3D models) are cast in their roles. Make-up (provided as 3D texture) and lights are set for each scene. Cameras are readied to capture the angles and movements the actors have to do. Then, it’s roll camera to see the animation. Cut, print (meaning hours of computer rendering), check the raw footage and go back and make the actors do it again till they get it right. Once it’s done, add special effects, composite the film and call your colleagues to the premier.

So, What’s Different?

Though the process is largely similar to film making, two unique challenges to 3d animations are battled with constantly. In a film, you can’t see the post-edited look that you would normally see …well …post-edit. As a result, the director has to envision the final result and get as close to it as possible when the picture is “in the can”. 3D animations with computer graphics, this is not the case. As a result, the actors can re-shoot the scene with new makeup, lighting, or camera angles at any time. This is a devil’s bargain as it helps the quality of the 3d animation but can actually hurt budgets and timelines. What makes it worse is a temptation to actually change the script and re-shoot the whole film. Therefore, a greater discipline is required to get the script right on the first try. The other challenge is speed. 3d animation is to feature films what speed dating is to dinner and a movie. Often, you only get one shot at something; and you need to capitalize if you don’t want to capitulate. Contact Scientific Animations now to discuss your next 3d animation project using a method on the right side of this page that is convenient for you. More 3D Medical Animations by Scientific Animations

Client: Aragon Title: Lektrafuse Tradeshow Animation


A stunning piece created with and without live video to showcase Aragon’s Lektrafuse product.


Client: Baxter Title: Coseal Elasticity
Part of a set of 3d medical animations describing the use of the Baxter’s Coseal surgical sealant.

Client: Endologix Title: AAA stent training


Complete 4 minute training animation showcasing fluoroscopic delivery and deployment.


Client: Atrium Medical Title: Inguinal Hernia Mesh
A detailed animation showing the benefits of Atrium’s V-Patch inguinal hernia mesh.
Written by Ashish Khera February 14, 2011

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