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Latest News Ebola Virus- Mechanism of Action, 3D medical animation
March 12, 2015

What makes the Ebola Virus so deadly? This 3D Medical Animation illustrates the Mechanism of Action of the Ebola Virus of how it attacks cells within the body and lead to exigency.

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Featured Animation Take Advantage of your 2014 Budget
Take Advantage of Your 2014 Budget

The end of the year is a great time to use your remaining budget on projects to meet your 2014 goals or start on your goals for next year. Make your decision a little easier by partnering with us for your next animation, interactive app, or e-learning project.

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Client Testimonial Patrick Lynch Testimonial
Patrick Lynch

"Scientific Animation’s Industry Experience Is Unique"

Patrick Lynch from Baxter Healthcare speaks about the benefits of working with us and our extensive medical background.

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Top 6 Reasons To Stay In Touch With Us
Free Cool Apps
Cool Apps

A range of calculators, converters and medical anatomy training web and native apps, with our compliments.

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Learning Tools balance-checker
3D Medical Training

Learn medical anatomy, procedures or even anatomy through our MedTrainer animated education platform. Our CME for In-Dus-tree series is geared towards creating learning content geared at industry professionals. Why should doctor’s only get CMEs to stay up to speed? Now you can too.

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Image Quiz Antigen
Any foreign body which can activate the immune system is called an
  • a) Antibody
  • b) Erythrocyte
  • c) Antigen
  • d) Osteocyte
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Free Widgets balance-checker
Health Widgets ++

Widgets to calculate BMI, convert pixels to DPIs, or even determine your required protein, fat and carbohydrate intake. Easy to use, well designed and free.

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Helpful Articles free-cool-apps
Our "Using Medical Animation" Series

Great visuals make for great content. And every week we help educate and interest on specific topics like: What is a Heart Attack? Through medical animation we make it fun. Follow us on Linked In, and get up to speed on some of the most important diseases and most exciting new treatments.

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SA Greatest Hits

Our featured animations help you keep abreast of the latest techniques in stunning medical visualization, as well as understand medicine better

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Medical Animation

With almost 10 years of serving the global pharma and medical device industry, Scientific Animation has visualized the beauty in science in every therapeutic area. With the largest team of dedicated in-house medical animation professionals in the world we deliver on time and on budget. Talk to us about your next cardiac procedure animation or MOA

Medical Illustration

Even Leornado da Vinci would be impressed with how far the art of medical illustration has come since he first endeavored to diagram the insides of Cadavers. Today with the help of 3D software, photoshop and digital sculpting, painting tools, Medical illustration is a science, an art, and a technology. Contact us to see how we can bring your medicine to life through medical illustration.

App Development

The app world has mushroomed much faster than the human ability to accept and incorporate change. So if you feel like you’re in uncharted waters and you have insomnia inducing questions, call us. Scientific Animations has created apps for corporates and consumers, for training, education and patient communication. We can help you plot a course that will let you sleep easy.

Interactive Training

At Scientific Animations, we understand the goal of interactive training and learning programs is to deliver employees who understand and perform better. Our interactivity allows you to measure success through custom-made SCORM compliant modules for your learning management system. And as always, the experience is enhanced with our super visuals.
Fun, Tools & Tips
Swine Flu Mechanism of Action Slider

With Swine Flu cases on a steep rise, lets educate ourselves with this 3D mechanism of action animation of the deadly virus which has been spreading like wildfire.

3D Medical Animation – Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

What is Type 1 - Diabetes Mellitus? What are the causes, symptoms, course of treatment and consequences if untreated? The 3D animation alongside illustrates how insulin helps in the absorption of glucose to help the body produce energy.

YouTube - ScientificAnimations

Our YouTube channel is a vivid world of human anatomy in 3D where you can explore animations for various therapeutic areas.